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A transformer follows the process of transferring the electrical energy from one to another circuit via electromagnetic induction. The most common process followed by it is to increase or decrease the voltage in between the circuits. mutual inductions are embedded in between two or more winding coils to , permit the electrical energy to be transferred between rout.

An alternating electrical source is used to supply one winding. Winding which also produces a constant varying alternating flux as well that surrounds the winding. On putting one winding close to some other winding, some part of this alternating flux will be attached to the second winding. the alternative flux surrounds the winding and there is constant change in the alternating current produced by winding process. On keeping the two windings near to each other some chunk of this rotating flux will link with the second winding or coil.

To make sure the electricity to a circuit of the second wind it will be closed. With the help of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, there is ana Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. The primary winding is a winding which receives electrical power from the source To visualize this we need to use electrical symbols.

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