Synchronizing Panel

Synchronizing Panel

To meet power system requirements Synchronization panels are specifically constructed. These panels serve both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for two or more generators or breakers.

Synchronizing panel will serve on an automatic mains failure system, so that when the main supply is hindered on one or all phases (after a flexible suspension) the generator sets will start-up in sync.Onto a common bus-bar, the generators will synchronize with each other by means of motorized circuit breakers or contactors after an initial warm-up interval (flexible). The load will be linked to the main distribution box, after the mechanized change-over switch will be closed.

The load share units frequently monitor the load and at the same time as low demand periods one or two generators will be shut down to save on fuel consumption.With the rise in the requirement, again the second and third generator will be resumed, synchronized and reconnected to the load.When the AMF control unit encounter that the main supply has been resumed a flexible observation season is activated before the main supply is reconnected. A cool down period will then follow, after which the generator sets will be shut down.

The amplitude of synchronizing panels are available with high volume of ranges which are formulated with electrical segment of premium quantity counting bus bar, insulations, wires/cable, PVC channels, transformers, meters and switches by professionals.

  • Material required: manufactured from 1.5/2mm Electro-Galvanised Steel Sheet.
  • yield: Standard RAL-7032.
  • Rated running Voltage: Up to 690V.
  • Mass Product: Form 2, 3, 4 Type 1-7.
  • 3-pole or 4-pole system as required.
  • Distinct sequence of load transfer by ACBs, MCCBs or Contactors.
  • Safety class up to IP 5x.
  • Load sharing/load shedding.
  • Automatic and manual synchronizing.
  • Factory fabricated to client's specifications.
  • upgraded to 8500A. (Special Design on request).
  • Dead front with rear approach or front approach.
  • Control operation applicable for engine scan, warm-up and cool down periods, necessity
  • shutdown, multi attempt engine start control, Engine test runs.
  • reasonable for both internal & external scalate (Weather Proof with Sunshade).
    • decent spacing for incoming and outgoing cables.
  • Procedure layout according to client requirements.
  • Utmost safety and reliability.

Options available:

  • Stand for Complementary Existing option. (Different heights)
  • Louvre panels
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Multiple color options as per client's choice.