Single Phase Oil cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Single Phase Oil cooled Servo Voltage  Stabilizer

Innorade is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of many variants of servo voltage stabilizers to meet different domestic, official as well as industrial requirements. One of them is single-phase oil cooled variac/dimmer type servo voltage stabilizer. These stabilizers automatically regulates the fluctuating input voltage received by it and produce a constant output voltage with high efficiency thus protecting the electrical and electronic appliances from damage and reduction in productivity caused by the fluctuating voltage. Once it is set, you don't need to check the voltage every time the main voltage fluctuates.

Single phase oil cooled variac/dimmer type stabilizers uses oil as a coolant for the heat produced during voltage regulation. Hence, oil is maintained throughout the pathways for the effective cooling of the system. These single phase oil cooled variants of variac/dimmer type servo voltage stabilizers are generally used in protecting domestic equipment like refrigerators, water coolers and air conditioners from voltage fluctuation. We provide special attention to the quality of our products. Our every servo voltage stabilizer rolled out of the factory undergoes strict and rigid inspection and testing.