Hospital & Clinics

Hospital & Clinics

Innorade manufacturing Private Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical panels, transformers, servo voltage stabilizers and Solar panels for Hospital & Clinics. Along with Hospital & Clinics we also serve for the government sector, Private sector, industrial sector, and Domestic sector.

We deliver a range of products like electric panel, transformer, servo stabilizer, and solar panels . Our organization offers a range of highly functional and very good quality of electrical control panels to promote the productivity of power factor energy. Single and three-phase Stabilizer of oil-cooled and air cool with different designs and sizes are available. Through switching the magnetic fields a transformer does also offers two or more coils of wires used to transfer electrical energy. We even develop a highly powerful Solar panel needed to reduce energy consumption. Solar panels are even designed by us to prevent excessive use of energy.

We are a team of qualified managers and skillful professionals who always aim to maintain consistency in work to build the most suitable elements at very modest pricing and targets to contribute to developing graded products to promote best client assistance.

We are considered as the most outstanding Mass producers as well as a supplier of the products like electrical panel, servo voltage stabilizers, transformers and solar panels in almost all the parts of the country with the best customer services in a way that the stock is easily accessible to our clients on the basis of their requirements. Before our product is put for sale, it goes through various stages of testing for accuracy and reliability.

In addition to skillful technicians, Customer executives are also there in our team to understand all our customer's requirements and give the proposal of best-suited products to ensure the customized products must belong to customer's requirements. Feel free to contact us.