Distribution Transformer with Built In HT AVR

Distribution Transformer with Built In HT AVR

Targeted to develop a transformer with minimum energy consumption with high performance it is designed by following the standard process.

Feature to :

  • Energy Efficient
  • Lowe Losses
  • Oil Cooled or Air Cooled
  • Copper Wound
  • Outdoor or Indoor Type

To control the unflagging power supply Servo Voltage Stabilizer is developed. Servo Voltage Stabilizer is developed for unwavering power supply. Along with the lower voltage and the resulting error signal servo motors also govern comparative control system rather than on/off circuits.

It is mainly used in examples of printing presses, scientific equipments and lifts.and are very much applicable in air conditional and medical plants.

Before we bring it into use it is essential to check for the adaptability and acceptability. The advancement in the technology maintain a control over the output voltage to control the alternating fluctuation within the input voltage. The reading of servo voltage stabilizer is very decisive and dutiful it offers a functionality of rating to control several working of servo stabilizer.

Upto 1000 KVA from 5 KVA Single Phase and Three Phase :

  • Oil Cooled Servo Transformers
  • Dry Type Servo Transformers
  • H.T. Line Servo Transformers
  • L.T. Line Servo Transformers

Components of servo voltage stabilizer :

  • Dimmer (Variable Transformer)
  • Buck Boost Transformer (Series Transformer)
  • Servomotor - Synchronizing Motors
  • Contactor or Relay
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Carbon Brush