Distribution Transformers

Distribution Transformers

A transformer used to provide the final voltage transformation in the electric power distribution system, as well as descending the power of voltage need to spreading line to the level used by the customer is termed as distribution transformer or service transformer.

The development of Distribution transformation of the very new version IS:2026/1180 & IEC:60076 involves scheming, manufacturing, contrive, mass producing & Examining and is very identical to the Indian & International typical to the leading processing and less power Consumption. Service drop is the normal location of the Distribution transformers it is a place where wires runs a utility pole or underground power lines to a customer's premises. They are basically used for power supply farther proper arrangement just like confined apartments, farmyards or pumping stations at voltages below 30 kV. The overhead wire of railways electrified with AC is another example of distribution transformer application.for such type of application single phase distribution transformers are used.

Immensely useful transformer ranges includes 3 star rating distribution transformers. The construction of this transformer is consisting of very solid and ductile components which are formulated in a vigorous facet .The aim of our firm is to develop a transformer of very high quality with good productivity as well at affordable prices.

Features of Distribution Transformers :

  • Primary winding In distribution transformer is more than that of the secondary winding.
  • It can bear the load of about 70 to 75 percent.
  • To increase the efficiency of transformer there is a deficiency in the iron loss.
  • vague CRGO element used.
  • The degree of efficiency to process the transformer is 70 to 75 percent.

Upto 3000 KVA from 10 KVA and upto 33 KV range Voltage :-

  • Dual Ratio Transformers
  • Special Duty Transformers for Solar and Wind application
  • Furnace Transformers
  • Booster Transformer
  • L.T. Auxiliary Transformers
  • Convertor Duty Transformers