Bus Bar Panel

Bus Bar Panel

An electrical bus bar can be determined as a conductor or set of conductors used for collecting electric power from the incoming consumers and spreads them to the outgoing consumers.

It can also be stated as, it is a type of electrical stopage to facilitate the accommodation of all the incoming and outgoing electrical current. Thus, the electrical bus bar assemble the electric power at the very same place.

The very basic of the bus-bars are 40x4mm (160 mm2); 40x5 mm (200 mm2) ; 50x6 mm (300mm2) ; 60x8 mm (480 mm2) ; 80x8 (640 mm2) and 100x10 mm (1000 mm2).

In the power system various types of bus bar arrangement are used. Factors on which the selection of the bus bar depends are like

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost etc.

The below mentioned are the electrical examination supervising the draft of any one specific provision.

  • It is simple and easy to maintain the bus bar arrangement.
  • Continuity of the bus bar arrangement should not get disturb on maintaining the system.
  • Bus bar setup is in expensive

Construction of busbar panel:

Busbar panel is confined in a panel dwell with shielded copper or aluminium busbars. busbar panel today's scenario is designed in a modular form and is outfitted in pre-fabricated lengths and are applicable in a scope of conductor composition. The range of bus bar panel regularly consist of elbows, T-connectors, feeder units, panel flanges and various other classic or custom components that make it simple to arrange for almost any application.

Bus bar panel is so capable to convert any ordinary substitute then standard wiring by conducting significant currents of electricity.

The variation of the shielded material lead to the variation in the conductivity limits and variations in the length of a product's useful life. Busbars are also available in multiple shapes and sizes which effects the ampacity of product.

- ampacity refers to the maximum amount of electric current a conductor can carry before sustaining critical levels of deterioration.