Automatic Power Factor Control

Automatic Power Factor Control

The main use of APFC or Automatic Power Factor Control Panels is to improve the power factor. It is beneficial for power factor correction, poor power factor penalty service bill contraction, energy support, discharge of system volume, and clemency in system losses.The ratio of active power to apparent power can be explained as Power Factor and it is the major cause in averaging electrical consumption.APFC Panels becomes crucial in those management where electrical installations are meant to supply to large electrical load.Any kind of lack in Power Factor can invite operational failure and a fine from electricity board, responsible for electricity supply.

The rapidly unstable and dispersed loads along with the retention of immense Power Factor can be accurately managed by APFC Panels. Quantity and authenticity are indicate in the well known manufacturers of APFC panels. These are available in different ongoing grading to gratify to distinct operations.

The expense of Electricity is very well known to everyone in today's scenario,Therefore it becomes utmost important to cut down on electrical consumption for reducing expenditure.

Feature :

  • Effortless Adoption
  • Prevents electrical machinery
  • Deterioration resistance

There are two types of APFC Panels :

  • APFC Panel (Without Harmonic Filter)
  • 2. APFC Panel With Series Reactor (With Harmonic Filter)

Salient Features :

  • firmness in Power Factor under varying load conditions.
  • Maintenance free
  • Power factor fine Expulsion
  • avoidance of leading power factor
  • Applications :

    • varing loads such as
    • Steel Rolling mills
    • Chemical industry
    • Cement plant
    • Sugar plant
    • Textile
    • Hospitals / Hotels
    • Building segment
    • Automobile industry etc

    • high quality Material: mass produced from 1.5/2mm Electro-Galvanized Steel Sheet.
    • standard design, Non-compartmentalized
    • yield : Standard RAL-7035.
    • Indoor, Floor mounted, Cable entry from bottom.
    • Minimum joints thus better reliability and lower trouble.
    • immigrant MCCB, 3 pole With Extended Rotary Handle for process without requirement of door opening.
    • Padlocking & Door Interlock Facility.
    • Step divert
    • duty contactors with Damping Resistors, IEC 60947-4-1/5-1.
    • Microprocessor controlled broadcast
    • Capacitors - Standard/Heavy Duty type, IEC 60831-1+2, UL 810 5th Edition.
    • mass produced: Form 2.
    • Type tested assemblies as per IEC 61439- 2.
    • grated processing voltage up to 690V.
    • relevant for both internal & external escalate (Weather Proof with sunshade).
    • Sufficient spacing for incoming and outgoing cables.
    • Panels for front or rear access to suit application.
    • Extent of protection: IP 5x - IP65.
    • Maximum safety & reliability.
    • Fans with Filters & Louvers for Ventilation inside APFC panel.
    • Custom layout according to client's choice.

    Options available:

    • Louver panels
    • Stainless steel
    • Cast Iron
    • Galvanized steel
    • Multi color option as per client requirement.